So, you're in the market for a new home. It's an exciting step and there is nothing like a brand new space to call your own. Whether you've spent years saving and preparing to buy a home, or are unsure if you can afford it, or even if this is your fourth or fifth time round - the questions surrounding a house purchase can feel endless. You can find the answers – and peace of mind – by working with PROPERTY NETWORK, the industry leader in experience and service.
Choosing a home is an investment that will involve some of your deepest emotional experiences. We understand that you should feel comfortable and confident in reaching the goal: finding your dream home at the optimum price.
Below is a step by step guide to making your dream purchase come true – with minimum snags and absolute peace of mind. You are about to embark on probably the largest investment most people make – owning a home and you should take care to carefully consider each step along the way.

Step #1 Appoint an Agent Go
Step #2 Decide on the House you want Go
Step #3 Decide on the Neighbourhood Go
Step #4 Be aware of the market Go
Step #5 Take control of process Go
Step #6 Pre-preparation of Finances Go
Step #7 Begin the search and viewing Go
Step #8 Have inspection undertaken Go
Step #9 Making an Offer Go
Step #10 Finalising the Deal Go

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