Below are 10 common mistakes made by buyers – as seen by buyers themselves. The issues are all covered in my buyers step by step guide, but once again, they are worth looking through as a quick check.
Mistake #1 They don't choose or select an Agent to act in their interests before rushing out and looking at open houses. This is so critical and if you have not yet read why appointing an agent is important go here
Mistake #2 They don't make use of services Financial Institutions make available to them especially by obtaining pre-qualification
Mistake #3 They are not aware of the additional costs to register a bond or the property in their name.
Mistake #4 They sign an offer to purchase without checking it out or being aware of the commitment involved. Many purchases fail to understand legal implications of the offer and that it becomes a contract which is binding the moment the Seller accepts it without alterations.
Mistake #5 They are also not aware of the concepts of “occupational interest”, “subject to”, and other clauses included in their contract
Mistake #6 They fail to view a property just because of the kerb appeal or outside appearance.
Mistake #7 They fail to start negotiations in writing when they find the right home. Many buyers have been totally distressed because they lost the home they really wanted. It's also strange how you tend to want it more when you know you cannot have it.
Mistake #8 They neglect to carefully consider exactly what they are looking for when beginning their search. This means wasted time and lost opportunities.
Mistake #9 They fail to establish a checklist and work through it to check the home is sound and in order. Eg.: taps loose, damp, electrics, pool etc...
Mistake #10 They do not use as their agents when buying in Port Elizabeth Deirdre Remax Smiley But seriously, go here to see a little bit about what makes us special

For more detailed information on Finance issues go here
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