Establishing a property investment may sound daunting but with the help of an estate agent and a bond originator it is really not that difficult. An estate agent will help you find the right property and the bond originator in conjunction with the estate agent will help to pre-qualify you as a buyer.
Being pre-qualified, allows you to move swiftly when you find the right home, especially when there are other interested buyers. It also indicates to the seller that you are serious and really can afford to buy the property.
When you have found a suitable property through the estate agent, a bond originator will then facilitate your home loan application with one of the major banks at the best possible interest rates.

The Bond originator deals on your behalf with numerous people during a bond application process while they are the sole point of contact. A Bond originator gets paid bond commission by the bank that grants the loan. They will therefore do their utmost best to deliver a good service because it is their sole source of income.

Before reaching a sale agreement between a buyer and a seller a long time could pass and a lot of hard work by an estate agent went into finding a buyer a suitable home. It could be upsetting for both parties if the bank turned down the bond application. It is therefore better in the current property market to pre-approve a buyer beforehand.

Pre-approval entails a credit check and submitting necessary documentation such as a recent pay slip, marriage certificate, bank statements etc to see if the buyer qualifies for a home loan and at what price. To Pre-approve a buyer makes everybody's work a lot easier. In the first instance a buyer knows what he/she can afford, the estate agent does not waste time and money to show a potential buyer properties that are not in their price range and the possibility for a home loan application to be successful is therefore much higher.

When using a bond originator, consumers have the advantage that banks have to compete against each other for every loan in offering a good interest rate.

Bond originators in South Africa have saved buyers R7,35 billion the past year in interest charges through the negotiation of lower financing costs. (Property Professional Magazine, p58 March/April 2009 issue).

So if you would like us to introduce you to a few options just contact us and let us know!

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