When you are buying a new home or refinancing your present one, it is wise to do some comparison shopping among lenders. A low interest rate isn't the only criterion by which to evaluate a loan. You should also consider the terms of the mortgage, what your closing costs will be and the reputation of the lender.
Real estate agents are a good source of information about loans and lenders, whether you are buying a home or just refinancing your present home. We routinely assist buyers when they need a bond in order to purchase a home. We know what loan packages are available and the qualifying requirements.
Banks are becoming more innovative and offer a variety of packages, such as special deals for first time buyers or preferential rates for graduates. Your bank, as much as you like them, might just be your worst option for bond.
Especially in good economic times, banks become extremely competitive in attracting customers. Understand, that you are their livelihood – without borrowers, they close down. The customer is king and you need to flex that consumer muscle. We are slowly moving away from the big daddy approach of banks to a more realistic supplier/customer based relationship.
The companies with the lowest rates sometimes have very conservative underwriting guidelines, and may not be willing to make loans on certain types of property or to buyers who are marginally qualified. We can tell you which companies and loan officers will go the extra mile to provide excellent service to make sure that the transaction closes.
Additionally, the banks have had to come to terms with the fact that many customers have less than perfect credit history and have adopted a more flexible approach in this regard. Unless you are a truly bad credit risk in terms of past credit behaviour, one of the banks is going to want to say yes to your application
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