In this case a mandate is given exclusively to one agency to sell your property. This means that you give me sole rights to market your property and that all enquiries will be channelled through me.
The sole mandate system is the most popular in the South African market. It has a long tradition within the industry, which has allowed professional estate agents to perfect their accompanying marketing plans, ensuring that the marketing of the property receives their full attention and commitment. Selling by sole mandate ensures the most possible privacy and least amount of inconvenience to sellers, and also protects them from double commission claims.

This form of marketing is, however, most effective when embraced by well-established agencies that have strong market penetration in the area in which the property is situated, and whose budgets allow for extensive media advertising.

The choice of whether to go with the sole mandate is entirely yours; no agency can force you to give it a sole mandate. Naturally agencies prefer sole mandates because of the exclusive rights they have, that justifies the effort and costs they put into marketing the property.
It means that we can use my network of affiliates throughout the city to let as many people as possible know of your home, advertise it on as many media forms as possible, knowing that our dedication and commitment will be rewarded.

When signing a sole mandate, make sure the agency can offer you exceptional services. They must advertise your home in the appropriate publications as well as on the Internet, with 'For Sale' boards outside the property (if the local municipality allows it), and a show house must be held at least once a month, throughout the mandate period. Are they making full use of electronic marketing, websites, social media and other mechanisms to spread the word on your property? Do they have national and international links to ensure your property is exposed to buyers outside of your area?

It's sensible to give a sole mandate for a period of three months. It allows a reasonable time for us to get your deal done, without committing you to forever and a day.
Beware of mandates that are for too long a period or add a clause stating that the mandate will continue indefinitely beyond the expiry date, unless you cancel it in writing. The agency may come looking for commission a year later when you finally sell the property.
Selling under an exclusive mandate allows you to maintain control over the marketing of, and access to the property. You will be informed of every offer to purchase the agent receives. The agent will explain every offer's advantages and disadvantages clearly. You will be able to make an informed decision between the best offers to purchase you receive.
The exclusive mandate eliminates the possibility of double commission. All buyers introduced to the property during the mandate period will be deemed to have been introduced by the appointed agent and you will only ever need to pay that agent. If they are professionals, they will have no problem splitting commissions in a manner that satisfies all parties.
Your home security is ensured by selling under an exclusive mandate. The agent will qualify any potential buyers prior to viewing your property.
Qualifying the potential buyers before letting them inside to view your house is a very important step. You could otherwise be opening the door to thieves, assailants and robbers, without ever knowing who they are.
Some sellers feel that an exclusive mandate limits the exposure their property has in the market. The truth is that market exposure is the result of a good marketing plan, not a mandate. Additionally, we will not try and hog your property but understand that in order to achieve the most effective and efficient sale process, we must use our full network of contacts – in other words your property will be known of by the maximum amount of agents – and especially the really good ones.
This is much more effective than every Tom, Dick or Harry running around and many times actually spoiling the chances of a good sale through a lack of professionalism.
One agent giving your property full professional attention will always be more effective that ten agents doing a hit and miss approach. You will have given us a clear mandate and we will therefore be totally accountable to you for results.

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