This is an exhilarating time for you. Saying good-bye to the old neighbourhood and discovering a new one can be an exciting adventure. But let's face it, adventure's can be exhausting. As much as we sometimes do not appreciate the stresses that go with change you need to resolve in your mind that you will enjoy the experience. You need to make a decision to not let the logistics of moving, spoil the excitement of the moment.
So this is your first step in moving – decide that you WILL have a great and relaxing time. It need not be a stressful period and I have therefore provided you with a few tools to help along the way.
Arrow Key steps to a successful move :
  • Have a positive mindset – as I mentioned above, having the right attitude will work wonders
  • Plan ahead – Use the checklists I have provided and start ahead of time
  • Work methodically – Do not put issues off – and make sure the steps are fully completed
  • Focus on the important issues – It’s about you and your family – keep the big picture in mind
  • Laugh off the small hiccups – The children spilling ice cream in the car will not spoil your move
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Two months before your move
Six Weeks before your move
One Month before
Two Weeks before you move
One Week before
On Moving Day
Once you have moved in
Some Packing Tips

Arrow TWO MONTHS BEFORE YOUR MOVE                                                                                           Deirdre Remax Top
  • Open a moving file. Keep all of your paperwork concerning the move in this one file, so nothing is lost or misplaced.
  • Interview movers and get quotes if you are planning on using a professional mover. Check whether they have insurance to cover your goods. You can choose to have your movers pack everything, have them pack just the breakables or you can go ahead and pack it all yourself. Regardless of the packing responsibilities, it's a good idea to obtain estimates from several different moving companies and ask for complete references.
  • Remember that if you are getting your moving quote online or telephonically to be as detailed as possible. If your goods for instance, have to be carried long distances to the truck, many movers will use a shuttle vehicle and charge you extra. If you were quoted from your inventory and have additional items, a surcharge will be raised for extras. Make sure therefore that your inventory list is accurate when submitting for a quote
  • If you need a rental truck for a "do-it-yourself-move," contact a rental company and get preliminary information.
  • Begin collecting boxes if you are not using professional movers to pack as well as old newspapers for wrapping breakables.
  • Visually prepare or design a floor plan for your furniture in your new home.
  • Create a list for inventory of your belongings. This is helpful in the event of an insurance claim or if you will be having a garage or moving sale.
  • Advise your children’s school of the pending move if they will be changing schools, so that record can be transferred. It is a good idea to let their teachers know anyway so they are aware the upheaval in their lives.
  • If time and geographic location permits, prepare your new home for arrival. (New paint, new locks, etc.) The more of this that is done prior to moving in the better. Please remember that until transfer actually takes place, something could cause the sale to fall through and you will lose the money spent on the new home. If however, you have the chance to work without the obstructions of furniture, you'll find that you can get twice the work done in half the time.
  • Investigate pet movers if you intend using them. As with any step along the way of moving, get quotes in writing and make sure the quotes include any promises that make.
  • If you rent your present home, give necessary written notice to your landlord and make arrangements for the return of any money you have on deposit. Arrange for an inspection as soon as possible so you are aware of what the landlord is expecting to be repaired
  • Begin repairs to current home that were part of agreement of sale or will be expected by your current landlord
Arrow SIX WEEKS BEFORE                                                                                                                      Deirdre Remax Top
  • Finalize your decision on a professional mover and make a booking. Make sure they confirm in writing.
  • If moving yourself, book the truck and confirm with friends and family who will be helping.
  • Begin packing non essential items such as ornaments and clothes that you definitely will not be wearing
  • Open an important documents file. Put all important documents in this file such as ID books etc so that they are always close to hand.
  • Consider your children in the move. Plan ahead and see my Moving with Children Guide below
  • Sort your belongings. Don't take it all. You've probably noticed that your possessions have a mysterious ability to expand in order to fill any space available for their storage. Guess what: If you're moving into a larger home, you'll be gathering more stuff. Before you pack it all into boxes and cart it to a new location, take a good look at everything and find out what you can live without. This is a great time to have a garage sale and/or hand the goods over to a needy charity.
  • Look at travel arrangements where you would need an airline, train, hotel, bus or car rental.
  • Even if you are looking at travelling in your own transport, begin to plan the trip. The wife might well be expecting the family to stop over at her mother’s on the way for a visit – avoid unnecessary arguments by discussing it ahead of time.
  • Research the area in which you will be moving for clubs, civic organizations and churches, so that you can change your membership. Your agent could provide a lot of help in this regard.
  • Decide what to do with your pot plants. These are almost always transported at owner’s risk. Perhaps you rather want to hire a trailer and do it yourself. Or even give them as gifts to friends.
Arrow ONE MONTH BEFORE YOUR MOVE                                                                                             Deirdre Remax Top
  • Begin the serious packing. Of course if you are using the removal company to do this for you, they will descend on your home a day or two before moving date and pack everything for you. If you're taking on the packing process by yourself, be aware that it will take time. Pack well in advance, and take note of what you can really live without. You'll have items that need special attention and other items that need to be disassembled. Label each box in detail and if you know where it will go in your new home, put the destination on the box. Pack essential items last.
  • Change your address with Department of Home Affairs
  • Change your address with SA Revenue Services
  • Change your address with UIF Department if you are registered with a housemaid
  • If your Email will be changing, advise all those in your contacts that you will inform them of your new address. Make a backup as well as print our your contacts list. If this was a work Email address and of possible arrange for mail forwarding for a period.
  • Advise your bank of your intended move and make arrangements for the transfer of your account to the new branch. Get contact details of key personnel you will need to see once you arrive.
  • Finalise any travel arrangements where you would need an airline, train, hotel, bus or car rental.
  • Contact medical and dental offices to receive records, asking these professionals for referrals and continuing prescriptions.
  • Finalise the inventory list of all of your belongings.
  • Arrange for your pets to be transported.
  • Use/finish household items so that there is less to pack and move.
  • Cancel your Newspaper subscription if moving out of town
  • Change address for magazine and other subscriptions
  • Give notice at the local municipality and advise of final reading date for Water and Electricity.
  • Review your insurance policy for coverage during your move.
  • Give notice at your security company for the termination of their services. Provide them with the new owner/tenants contact details if possible – they will appreciate being able to contact them for business
  • Give notice to your garden service or advise them of change of address if you will still be within their service area.
  • Give notice to your pool service or advise them of change of address if you will still be within their service area.
  • Have your garage/moving sale. Remember that if you are going to have a major clean-up and drastically reduce the amount of stuff you are taking with, it could reduce your moving price from the original quote.
  • Give notice on your telephone, ADSL and other services.
  • Make arrangements for installation of these services in your new home. It s preferable to only have these installed on the day or after your arrival as early installation could result in abuse before you get there.
  • Write to all your creditors advising them of your new address for mailing
  • Make a note of all items out on loan, in for repairs, service etc so that they can be collected timeously
Arrow TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR MOVE                                                                                          Deirdre Remax Top
  • Forward your newspaper to your new address if you are still in the same delivery area
  • Contact all of your utilities and change your service to your new address.
  • Organize those helping you on the day of the move.
  • Be sure to confirm all travel reservations you have made.
  • If moving appliances, you may want to make sure they are inspected before the move.
  • Pack all clean clothing.
  • If you have to change banks, close your existing account and open a new one. Transfer funds to your new bank account but make sure you have enough cash on hand for the move – perhaps you want to look at carrying travellers cheques instead of cash
  • Keep important documents and valuables close at hand during the move.
  • Prepare for the move of any infant or small children.
  • Review your insurance policy for coverage during your move.
  • Provide relatives with your travel information.
  • Defrost your freezer and refrigerator.
  • If there are goods going to charity call them to collect if they have not done so already
  • If moving into a block of flats or other high rise, contact the maintenance manager and book the elevator
  • Contact your lawyer or have me do so, to ensure the transfer of properties, whether buying or selling is still on track for targeted date.
  • Arrange with Post office to have your mail forwarded
  • Make sure you have collected all dry cleaning, items in for repair, loaned out etc
Arrow ONE WEEK BEFORE                                                                                                                  Deirdre Remax Top
  • If using a removal company confirm dates and times are still in order
  • If moving yourself, confirm truck booking still in order and verify with friends and family who will be helping that they are still available
  • Transfer all school records for your children.
  • Call me for a pre-closing house inspection or if you have been renting, do so with your existing rental agent. This inspection should preferably happen on the day of the move itself or at earliest, the day before.
  • Collect Medical, Prescription, Optical and Dental files for transfer to new medical practitioners
  • If moving into a building that has a security system, make sure you have access codes etc.
  • Begin defrosting and drying out the freezer.
  • Make arrangements with new owners/tenants of your present home for safekeeping and forwarding of any mail that arrives. Make sure you have their contact details and they have yours
  • Finalise the arrangements for your pets
  • If possible, use this final week to begin hanging curtains in the new home. It will take the stress out of doing so on the day you arrive
  • You should now be almost fully packed and living with only the basics still out. This is a good time to plan packing your “Essentials Box”, which you will take with you. These are items you're likely to use or need once you arrive in your new home. Include items like: 
    • toilet paper
    • soap
    • toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • paper towels
    • garbage bags (a lot of them!)
    • paper plates, cups and plastic utensils
    • can opener
    • hammer, screwdrivers, pliers
    • a flashlight and a few candles
    • snacks and drinks
    • a couple of toys or games to keep the little ones occupied
Arrow MOVING DAY HAS ARRIVED!                                                                                                        Deirdre Remax Top
  • Take a deep breathe and remember that you have decided to relax and enjoy the moment
  • Keep your moving file on hand for quick referral
  • Ensure all doors are open for easy access, remove doors, security gates etc before removal truck arrives.
  • Remove car from garage and driveway so as to allow movers easy access – and of course no damage to your vehicle
  • Do a final walk through of the home to make sure all of your belongings have been removed. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure everything is loaded before the truck departs – they will not turn back for you
  • Be sure to take control of all personal items that are valuable or important to you during the move.
  • You might not be able to be available for both the loading and off loading of your goods – at your old home and the new. Arrange for a friend or family member to deal with one of these aspects or ask your RE/MAX agent for assistance.
  • If there are items you will need first in your new home (like a baby cot) make sure they put it in the moving van last. If you are moving yourself, organise the fist load to be all your critical items an done of you can make sure they are set up in the new home.
  • Make sure you have all the keys, eg. for the garage, front, back and sliding doors, etc. of your new home, delays cost money.
  • The movers will also make note of the condition of your goods on a master list. It is your responsibility to make sure it's accurate.
  • If refreshments are given to the movers, please no alcohol.
  • Take your own meter readings for water, electricity, gas etc. This will enable you to check against the municipal readings for errors.
  • Most removal companies will require payment at point of deliver and do not accept personal cheques unless by prior arrangement. Make sure you have made necessary plans
  • Don’t leave the pets behind.
Arrow ONCE YOU’RE IN                                                                                                                         Deirdre Remax Top
  • After the van is unloaded and your goods are unpacked, inspect everything and make note of any damage. While movers do unpack, they don't put dishes or linens away.
  • Plug the freezer and fridge in and pack all perishable goods away immediately
  • The very next day, inspect the home fully to ensure that it is in the condition you originally viewed it and that all plumbing and electrical circuits work. Make a detailed list of faults. If you wish, I can be present for this inspection.
  • Contact your service providers to ensure disconnections has taken place at previous address and that necessary meter readings were taken. Provide them with your readings.
  • Remember to change Email details on Internet subscriptions, Social Media etc. to your new Email address.
  • Write to or contact all your creditors and service providers to confirm once again that they have your change of address
  • Sit with the family and write cards to all your friends and associates letting them know you are in your new home and let them have your new contact details.
Arrow SOME PACKING TIPS                                                                                                                   Deirdre Remax Top
Computer shops will always have Styrofoam moulds and boxes available for packing your PC equipment.
Disconnect all electrical equipment and dismantle beds and headboards. Many contractors reserve the right to raise surcharges for dismantling and for any delays.
Keep all items not to be loaded in one room, eg. the bathroom.
Wrap all pictures, mirrors and glass items in bubble plastic. All glass shelves, table tops etc. to be crated.
Fridges and deep freezers must be defrosted empty and dry, especially when going into storage or long distance.
Empty all drawers and cupboards and lock all valuables eg. Cell phones, wallets, keys away in a safe place.
Remove all keys from cabinets, draws etc – before the movers arrive

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