2011 Dec 10 - Branding Award Winner 2011                                                                                              Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
I was awarded, this year, for the second year in a row, the Top Branding Award .

While this might seem like purely personal news, with not much impact for you as a client, the opposite is most definitely true. The effort, resources and time put into branding is exactly what has made me the agent of choice in Port Elizabeth - and what gets your property sold.

As much as a car dealership reaps benefits when their brand is tops, so too do my clients when the agant's brand is tops. You see, a good agent not only sells a lot of her own properties, but also has a list of strong buyers on file to which other agent's properties are sold.

These buyers, just like sellers, will choose a good agent to work through - and this choice is driven by branding

So all the billboards, suburb signs, street bins, community sponsorships, social media marketing as well as of course this website - all build my brand - and contribute to the results my clients experience.

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