2012 Mar 20 - Property sold for MORE than asking price                                                                           Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
How often have you heard read a headline like that? No very often I know but it can be done with a little help from other agents :-)

I was called to do a valuation on a property that had become part of a deceased estate. Although the home was a bit dated, the area was right and currently showing very positive trends. I knew the area well as I sell there regularly, as well as having the house next door plus three others currently on the market.

After pulling full historic sales reports from the deeds office, as well as a suburb analysis, I informed the executor that we could achive a price of between R710 000 and R730 000.

He had however also consulted another agent who informed him that the value was only around R690 000. He felt he did not want to risk the property taking too long to sell and therefore gave a joint mandate - at the lower price.

Two days later we had the property sold - at R715 000!

How is this possible ?
1) We KNOW the value of properties in an area - no thumb suck figures - no wild estimates and definitely no irrational negativity just beacuse everyone is crying about the economy. If I give you a market value you can be sure that it is based on facts and experience. This might be a bit of bad news for those wanting to overprice :-)
2) Remax works as a team and immediately after receiving the instruction, I let my colleagues know about it. That evening one of them called - having a client on their books looking in the area. We viewed the next day and took the offer!

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