2012 April 20 - Final Approval on New Website Design                                                                            Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
Web design is an ongoing process to accomodate new technology and new serach engine parameters and it seems like only yesterday that I was looking at design options for the previous changes.

One of the keys to my success however has been to get ahead and stay ahead of other agents in being at the cutting edge of internet and social media trends. This effort behind the scenes is therefore well worth it, as it forms a keystone of my marketing strategy and of course you the client experience the benefits as well.

This remains the most comprehensive property site in South Africa and we will make sure it stays that way - every visitor being one more potential buyer for those who have listed their properties with me .

The web has without a doubt now become the prime medium for selling property and the fact that I am ten steps ahead of the competition will ensure that my clients continue to receive top notch performance and maximum exposure on their properties.

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