2012 May 14 - Training with the renowned Ed Hatch                                                                                Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
Ed Hatch is one of the most renowned names in Sales Training in the world and for Remax SA to bring him to Port Elizabeth for our benefit deserves a massive thank you!

He is a master of various aspects of marketing and sales such as negotiation, referral sales and so on, as well as having a successful career within real estate. This experience combined with his insights and knowledge make him one of the most sought after trainers and speakers in his field.

We spent the day going through core issues on negotiation, particularly around the issue of a positive NO and I look forward to applying this knowledge in the months and years ahead. My clients can of course look forward to even better pricing results (if that is possible).

I am often asked why I spend so much time on training and further education and my response is always the same;
1) Ask my past clients if they are happy with the level of service I provide
2) Look at my results

This industry has fortunately swiftly transformed into a highly professional field with rapidly changing economic and social landscapes and I am convinced that one of the core ways to show my clients I care, is to be as equipped, knowledgeable and competent as possible.

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