2012 May 31 - 12 Sales for the Month of May - Wow!                                                                                Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
The one thing I really love about doing so well is that it is evidence that with proper planning, a committment to professionalism and sheer hard work, one can step above the doom and gloom of everybody crying about the recession.

There are whole offices in Port Elizabeth that would hope to have that many offers hit their table and to do it as an individual is awesome. A beeeeg thanks to my team. 

Now of course is the fighting part to ensure that all the buyers obtain their financing, sellers meet their committments and the hundred and one little issues are resoved quickly.

For a professional agent that walks the deal every step of the way, sometimes the post-sale work is even more than the pre-sale efforts - but that is what service is all about.

So while we celebrate an awesome month in May there is much work that now needs to happen in June.

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