2012 Jun 20 - Fun at DTS Sponsored Ten Pin Bowling                                                                          Port Elizabeth Property First Article 
A massive thank you to DTS Attorneys for keeping up with their annual Ten Pin Bowling Day for agents!

As any professional committed agent will tell you, our job can many times be exhausting and quite stressful. We deal with what is many times a clients sinlge largest transaction of their lives and in most cases their single largest asset. The responsibility that goes with that is tremendous and for those who take the job seriously, a personal burden we carry on behlaf of our clients.

The intricacies of a transaction have increased enormously over the years, with legal implications, administrative burdens and an ongoing fight for financing for buyers..

To have an opportunity such as this to simply go and have fun with colleagues and friends is therefore more than welcome and provides an opportunity to just forget about work for an evening and socialise.

Some of the greatest fun is simply watching colleagues who are normally very serious, just let their hair down and make sometimes hilarious attempts at hitting pins with a ball they have no experience with. I will not say too much about me bowling the ball straight into my hubby's ankle.

Pics will be on Flickr soon so why not have a look

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