2013 Jan 17 - Off on a well deserved holiday cruise on theSinfonia                                                                  Port Elizabeth Property First Article
Deirdre Fibiger Property NetworkI am looking forward to a relaxingbreak on board the Sinfonia to spend a few days soaking up the sun and taking in the ships nightlife and entertainment.

Fortuntely. Colin and the team are more than capable and my only concern is that they might realise they do not need me :-)

Our philosophy of team work at the company is all that allows me and others, the opportunity to get time off like this, in the full knowledge that others are more than capable and willing to pick up my responsibilities.

So not only can I relax, but also our clients, not having to rely on a single agent but enjoying the support and services of a full team.

It is a core element of our success and we will continue to build upon this winning recipe in the years going forward.

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