2012 May 02 - Property Network Launches Unique Services for Overseas Buyers                                           Port Elizabeth Property First Article
Pioneering new territory when it comes to online property listings, is not new to the innovative Propert Network team  and the laucnh of a new international networking framework is just one more way of increasing services levels within the group.

"While many agencies operate internet listing portals and have networking structues in place, for the most these simply do not operate," says Colin Fibiger of Property Network. "This is simply because there is no relationship between agents to cement a understanding of procedure." he says.

While Propert Network has subscribed to various online portals as well as linked via membership to networking services and groups, the company has taken it one step further to ensure the rapid and professional facilitation of foreign transactions can take place.

"The introduction of our TOUCH programme is highly creative while quite simple and places us one step ahead of the competition once again," says Fibiger. "Quite simply, we have begun to establish strong relationships with agents across the globe," he said, "and developed very real understandings with them enabling us to network with trust and the reassurance that our clients will be taken care of."

This allows the group, rather than rely on a unstable referral system, to provide global quality services with people we trust and have built accountability with.

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