Searching by Suburb is the traditional painstaking way of finding your ideal property in the area you want but is flawed in providing good search results.

Many lesser known suburb names, particularly smaller ones, nestled in between the larger well known ones are lost in the search when in fact they would suit you ideally.
Entering a myriad of names is time consuming and counter productive to being able to search the web quickly for results
New suburbs emerge in between others - some of these still in the process of being named - beacuse you do not know them you will not search them

To counter this, we at property network have provided our visitors with a unique Search by Suburb facility - and we are proud to say that we are the only such search facility in the country!

Instead of trying to remember a myriad of suburb names, you simply browse the map and decide which zones are suited for you - each zone encompassing a group of suburbs - even those whose names you do not know.

How easy is that! Now you can pick the zones that you would like to live in and the search results will give you everything we have available.

Please bear with us for a few days as we finalise the zone areas and the facility becomes available.

And of course if that still doesn't give you anything you like there is always our awesome Buyer Search Service we offer, whereby trained buyer agents go out there and find you the property you are looking for - even those listed with other agents! All of this means that you can enjoy your property earch experience and relax, knowing you are in safe, professional hands and that if your dream home is out there, we WILL find it.

Do remember to get a copy of our Relocation Guide so as to make your move happen smoothly and hassle free.

Browse through our Buyer section and if you have any questions, do not hesistate to call or Email us.

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