Referral networking is not a new concept and is found in many forms. In it’s simplest form, it is nothing more than word of mouth.
In fact we all practice network marketing in one form of another in our daily lives. You refer a friend to your favourite coffee shop. Recommend a new TV programme or even state your case for the car you drive. In these instances you just don’t get paid for it.
Deirdre Remax Referral Pic1To be part of my referral network, all you will be required to do it just that – keep talking to people you know and if one of them are in the market to buy a property, or is looking to sell – you refer me. And of course let me know as well.
I will then follow up on them and if a deal is successfully concluded, you get given a few thousand rand! What could be simpler or easier?
It is amazing how many people we come into contact with on a regular basis – each of us in our own circle of influence. Friends, Family, Colleagues at Work, Fellow Church Members and Sport Club buddies. Add to that, all the new people you meet on a regular basis and you will be amazed at just how many people you know and could get business from. And of course they all know people as well!
There is no hard selling involved on your part. Those you know well you could ask directly – “Are you in the market”. If so tell them you are a referral partner and recommend my services. Again let me know who you have spoken to so that I can follow up, as well as make sure your name is flagged next to theirs.
If you do not know them well just start the conversation going on property……. Deirdre Remax Referral
“Wow, prices are really on the rise again!” Use my newsletters to give out titbits of information to get the conversation started.
Form there, it is easy to simply ask, “Are you looking at buying or selling at the moment?” If no, refer my services anyway. Give my card or name and number and just say, “Whenever you are, why not give her a call – great service!”
If yes – get the ball rolling and let me know.
Many Referral partners can practically be called part time agents. They have a mailing list they forward  newsletters to and follow up on them regularly. Acting as an assistant without the formal title – and making heaps of money on a flexi time basis.
Your referral commission on an average sale in the middle and higher income market will be around R2750.00! Multiply that by the number of people buying and selling within the group of people you know (and those that they know) and you begin to see the income earning potential.
Why not contact me today and together – lets make money!
And if you are interested in entering the Real Estate market as a career, why not give me a call or look here.

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