Your home is more than just a house.  It is a place where you experience the most intimate moments. It is a shelter for you and your beloved ones. It has a history written in your memory and heart.
Your home is a lifetime investment coupled with the strongest sentimental ties. It is special to you and deserves to be treated as such. We at PROPERTY NETWORK understand that it deserves to be sold for the best price and with the least inconvenience to you.
The Seller and the Agent have three shared goals:
Property Sale three goals
We also understand that although there are general market trends to adhere to, each home is unique and that in order to effectively market your property and achieve the goals above, we must make treat each sale as unique.
At the bottom of this page, you will find articles relevant to you a seller, as well as our comprehensive, Step by Step Sellers Guide, which will take you through the selling process.

  • Guidance on understanding why you are selling. Being aware of not only your primary reason, but also secondary issues. This is important in determining our pricing and selling strategy.
  • Expert information and background on the current property market so you can make an informed decision regarding the sale of your property
  • A full Comparative Market Analysis on your property, including suburb review and area analysis to that we can determine an accurate market value for your property and establish a marketing price and target market.
  • Assistance with the appointment of Conveyancers and other necessary team members, that will form part of your property deal, including building contractors or other requirements.
  • Professional direction and tips on preparing your home for sale so as to make it as marketable as possible.
  • Totally committed marketing through as many media channels as possible, but most importantly, through our extensive agent network, so that your home gets maximum exposure, to as many serious buyers as possible, resulting in a quick, hassle free sale. Most people do not understand the importance of just how important a well established network is, in marketing a home. Agents who have been around some time all have serious buyers on their books, many already pre-qualified and it is they who will provide a database of buyers ready willing and able to buy.
  • Experienced negotiation assistance when receiving offers and professional guidance through the process, until the final offer is accepted and signed.
  • Constant feedback and monitoring of your transaction, with your conveyancer, as well as buyer financers etc right through until the final date of registration.
All along, you can relax, knowing you are in safe, professional hands. Do remember to get a copy of our Relocation Guide so as to make your move happen smoothly and hassle free.

Take your time in reading the articles below, and in particular, the Seller Step by Step Guide, which provides information on each issue in much more detail, such as pricing strategy, market reality, proper promotion, agent's involvement, different costs involved and gives many tips on how to prepare your house to impress buyers. Above all, the articles seek to inform you the seller and to equip you to make the best decisions regarding the selling of your home, as well as holding us accountable.

Browse through articles below and if you have any questions, do not hesistate to call or Email us.

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