Although these issues are covered in detail in the Seller's Step by Step Guide and other articles, these points are worth mentioning because they arise so often. Listing them here simply lets you learn from the experience of others.

Mistake #1 Believe or choose the agent who prices their home the highest regardless of true market value rather than basing the appointment on their track record or ability to market the home.
Mistake #2 Market the home as a private Seller first and when that fails try and remarket a “dead” property through an agent
Mistake #3 Price the home above the market value (too high) in the initial marketing period which is the most critical time.
Mistake #4 Neglect to make sure their agent is capable of putting together a marketing plan or proposal including different media forms.
Mistake #5 Neglect to check out the "competition" – other homes for sale in the same area at that time.
Mistake #6 Sign an offer without understanding or checking out the details with their agent or top property professional.
Mistake #7 Turn down the first offer which is generally the best you will get – unless of course the offer is simply not acceptable
Mistake #8 Place the home on the market before it is in the best condition or ready for viewing
Mistake #9 Fail to give proper viewing access to available buyers – viewing is critical to the selling process and you must bend over backwards during this time.
Mistake #10 Failing to appoint Deirdre Fibiger as your agent in the Port Elizabeth area. Well that’s my opinion anyway :-)

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