This might seem like just another page to blow our own horn but if you are to make a objective decision you do need to know what we offer and why we stand out from the rest. Do please also read the section About Property Network as well as the page on our IMPACT Philosophy

There are also other key articles clients need to look through in order to make infomed decisions about the Why and How of appointing an agent.

As a Seller please do read ;
The summary section of our Seller page
The article on Why to Appoint a Selling Agent
Step 2 of our Seller Step by Step Guide

As a Buyer you should read ;
The Summary Section of our Buyer page
The article on Why to Appoint a Buyer Agent
Step 1 of the Step by Step Buyer Guide

Green Property Line
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line

This Website is evidence of our committment to providing our clients with maximum information and knowledge so as to assist them in making informed decisions. Browse as much as you like - you will NOT FIND another site as informative as ours.

This philosophy is carried out in every other sphere of our dealings as well and many a client has been blown away by the comprehensive Information Pack we supply when valuating a home.

Our Logo defines the comprehensive way we see ourselves as property professionals. Having to bring Sellers, Buyers and Service Providers together in a professional, caring manner - acting as the catalyst between these to ensure a hassle free property transaction.

We will not just show you a house and hope you buy, but ensure we are knowledgeable and capable in every sphere of the business, walking it through ffrom beginning to end.

Our IMPACT Philosophy that drives us and defines our every action, sets us apart from the crowd that are happy to just be average agents. It is a philosophy we live by and struive to fulfil day by day.

Rather than simply trying to make a sale, Property Netwrok agents are striving to become something better, reaching new heights of professionalism and care every day. We have an underlying ethos of service that others simply do not have.

We have fun while doing what we love day to day and while this might not seem to be a major achievement, it actually has a tremendous amount of value to our clients.

You can tell when you are going to get bad service just by looking a cashiers face.That look you will never find with a Property Network agent. We love what we do and it shows. While we are very serious about our career, our passion and enjoyment bubble over - all to your benefit

We value ourselves as key role players in a major economic sector and pride ourselves on what we do. While many agents see themselves as simply sales people, we recognise that we are much more than that.

A client has chosen to sell what is probably their largest single investment asset and thet did not call a lawyer, a banker or fancy economist. They called us and entrusted us with this major decision. They placed a major stake of their financial future in our hands and we take that seriously and are proud to play our part in the clients major decision making process.

So..... if you are wanting to have a special experience with your next property transation - give us a call

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